Beginnings and Reflections


Excited to begin this new endeavor! I’ve long been a curious, opinionated person, and now I’m taking the opportunity to reach out to like/different-minded individuals with whom I hope to share┬áideas and discussions.

More pragmatically, this will serve as an outlet for the multiple creative projects I am involved in and will be involved in. For now it will remain writing focused and more than likely music focused, but who knows what the future holds?

Anyway, I’ll begin by sharing something arguably useful, which is what I hope to do consistently.

Here’s a transcription I did some time ago of one of my favorite guitar solos; I have been listening to it for years and never get tired of it.

kurt reflections

There’s so much information here, it’s nearly overwhelming. One sound I’m working hard on absorbing and assimilating comes from the phrase Kurt plays starting in the second half of measure 29, resolving on beat one of measure 31. Measure 30 comes entirely from the “altered scale” (with the exception of the Bb in the diminished arpeggio, if one wants to be technical).

My fingers have become accustomed to playing it, but my ears are still unsure how the sound works, so I’ve taken what seems to be the crux of that sound and have been moving it around to different inversions, positions, keys, etc. That particular E diminished arpeggio followed by the E min-maj7 arpeggio, in the second half of m.30, lays really well on my instrument. What’s less easy is moving the arpeggios to different inversions and finding ways to resolve it effectively. It is fun, though!